Working With Solent

The precise working arrangements will vary according to the types of client and the chosen asset classes. Clients can include wealthy individuals, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices, fund management businesses, charities, endowments and financial advisors. If you are looking for creative financial management strategies, financial advising for business, systematic investment trading strategies, this can be very cooperative for you.

Solent is also ideally suited to work with family offices, which simply want to achieve the best risk adjusted returns – unlike some commercial Asset Management organisations which have a vested interest in promoting their alleged “crystal ball” forecasting skills. The design and analysis of smart beta products is a further Solent activity.

Investment Strategy Builder

The Solent techniques are applicable to all asset classes including equities, commodities, foreign exchange and some elements of fixed income.

PWR Calculator

The PWR calculator shows how the relatively new concept of PWR can be used in assessing the appropriate sustainable withdrawal amounts from a pot of wealth. PWR Calculator Solution is coming soon.

Solent as a management role

For those clients who do not wish to undertake implementation themselves, the “management” role i.e. interpretation of the Solent signals can be undertaken by Valutrac Investment Management. The asset classes could be inter alia multi-asset, developed equities, emerging market equities, commodities, precious metals, currencies, real assets and Shariah compliant investments. The program can be offered with any base currency.