A principal technique is trend following, basically a comparison of the current price of a market with its long term moving average.

Founded in 2010, Solent is the brainchild of Professors Andrew Clare and Steve Thomas of the Business school (formerly Cass), City, University of London and Roderick Collins. Solent is a is a cloud based financial software company, bringing you an investment platform that helps you make data-driven investment decisions and assists with reaching your long-term investment objectives.

Solent has identified several rules-based approaches to investment, with no human judgmental intervention, which may be characterized as “clever passive”. The entire Solent methodology is “glass box” not “black box”, i.e. it is transparent and explained in detail in the peer reviewed papers to be found in the academic research tab.

Solent is not an asset management company but a designer of rules-based investment techniques, with equity-oriented multi-asset Sterling and a US dollar based multi-asset methodologies. These will work with asset managers to create rules-based investment formulae to replace active strategies which are not delivering alpha or as an enhancement to passive strategies.

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Our Vision

The application of software to provide formulaic investment solutions for savings programmes and withdrawal rate calculations.


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Client Testimonitals

“It is genuine belief that the work being done by Professors Andrew Clare, Smytephen Thomas and their colleagues is of real consequence when it comes to the future trajectory of the investment industry”.

Plain English Finance

“The investment process they have created has been back-tested over many years and has been successfully used to drive live portfolios over the past ten years. It is a totally unique approach and is based on years of high quality independent research.”

WMInvestment Strategy Consultants